Due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak we are unable to provide in-home "White Glove" deliveries and assemblies.

    Orders, Shipping and Delivery

    • What is Curbside Delivery? Curbside Delivery is free on GlideawayOutlet.com. The product will be delivered to the curbside at the consumers address listed on the order. The product is NOT brought inside the house. We strongly recommend White Glove delivery to save time and ensure proper set-up.

    • What is White Glove Delivery? White Glove Delivery is the most convenient way for you to receive your new Comfort Base. The delivery company will move your new base to the appropriate room, unbox the base, assemble it and ensure it is in full working order. They will remove the packaging and your old base and foundation if needed. Each order of one Comfort Base will have one old base and/or box spring/foundation eligible for removal. We strongly recommend White Glove delivery to save time and ensure proper set-up.
    • What is the cost of White Glove Delivery? White Glove Delivery is optional at a discounted rate of $150. You can include White Glove Delivery by checking the box on the order form. IMPORTANT: The discounted White Glove Delivery is only offered at checkout and not available after checkout. White Glove Delivery may be purchased after the order has been placed and shipped, from Pilot Freight Services. See "Can I purchase White Glove AFTER I place my order?" details below.
    • How does White Glove Delivery work? Once your item arrives at the White Glove service location, the delivery company will contact you to schedule a delivery time that works best with your schedule. During your scheduled time frame, the delivery company will transfer your Comfort Base to the appropriate room, unbox, set-up your new base and remove any packaging.
    • Can I purchase White Glove AFTER I place my order? Yes. However, you MUST call Pilot Freight Services directly for this service. To obtain White Glove service AFTER your order is finalized and shipped, contact Pilot Freight Services to schedule an appointment – by phone,  800-969-7170 (choose option #1) or email at STL@PilotDelivers.com. IMPORTANT: The rate for White Glove service after purchase is NOT the same discounted rate provided with initial order. Please notify Pilot that your product was purchased from Glideaway. Payment for the White Glove service is made directly to Pilot Freight Services.
    • Will my old box springs, mattress or bed base be removed? An old mattress can removed for an additional $60. Any additional bedding item can be removed for an additional $45 per item. This service is only offered with White Glove Delivery. Select from the White Glove Delivery packages select at checkout.
    • How do I track my order? Once you've placed your order, we ship to you within 2-3 business days. Once a product has shipped, you'll receive a tracking number that you can use.
    • Why is my delivery taking so long to arrive? Delivery may take longer during the holiday season and/or severe weather conditions. We recommend using the tracking number to find the location of your item. If you're having trouble with your tracking information, please call our customer support team at 855-581-3095.
      • How heavy are the adjustable bases? Depending on size, the box weight of an adjustable base can weigh between 110 lbs – 250 lbs. We recommend at least two people when setting up your adjustable base.
      • Can I set up the adjustable base by myself? Glideaway adjustable bases come with a quick start guide in the box and can be assembled in about thirty minutes. If you want a more detailed guide, you can find the manual for your adjustable base here. We recommend setting up your adjustable base with at least two people to help with the heavy lifting.
      • What payment methods do you accept? We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Debit/bank card and Paypal.

      Returns and Exchanges

      • Since this is a discontinued product, is it still under the original limited warranty? Yes. All products remain under the original limited warranty. If you need warranty support, contact our customer support team at 855-581-3095.
      • Can I return my purchase for a refund? All sales are final. All products on Glideaway Outlet are discontinued inventory at discounted prices. Therefore, all sales on Glideaway Outlet are final – no refunds, no exchanges. The original limited warranty remains in effect. If the product is damaged during shipping, Glideaway Outlet will issue an exchange. In order to be eligible for an exchange, you must submit photographic proof of damage to the product and shipping box. You have 5 business days to report shipping damage by calling our customer service department at 855-581-3095. If you initiate a damage claim after 5 business days have passed, you will not be eligible for an exchange. If you have questions regarding the policy, please contact our customer support team at 855-581-3095. 
      • Can I exchange my purchase if it is defective? Please refer to your original limited warranty.

      • Where can I find the warranty for my Comfort Base? Our warranty information can be found here. For specific questions about your warranty or to find out if your base is still covered, call 1-855-581-3095 or email our warranty team at warranty@glideaway.com. 

            Comfort Base FAQs

            • Is a foundation or bed frame needed? No, there is no need for a metal bed frame or foundation. The Comfort Base replaces both these items. The mattress will be directly on top of the base which offers the same support as a foundation. It also has its own legs which support the adjustable base off the floor.
            • Will my Comfort Base work with any mattress? Yes. Glideaway Comfort Bases are compatible with most innerspring, hybrid, foam, and air mattresses of any brand. If you prefer an innerspring mattress, it is important to note that mattresses with a border wire are not compatible with Comfort Bases.
            • Do Comfort Bases come with a mattress? No. The base is an independent part of the bed that replaces the box spring. The adjustable-friendly mattress of your choice rests on top of the base.
            • What does ‘Back Travel’ mean? If a Comfort Base has the back travel feature it does not move away from the wall or nightstand as the head inclines. Instead, it moves up along the wall, keeping the nightstand within reach.
            • What is the Sleep Enhancement™ feature? Sleep Enhancement™ utilizes Total Body Vibration created by a single vibe motor placed on the underside of the base, in the mid-back area. The vibrations ease you to sleep and provide you with health benefits like increasing circulation, alleviating muscle fatigue, and reducing stress hormones. It also creates a white noise effect, blocking out noises that may interrupt your sleep.
            • What is the Zero Gravity position? The zero-gravity position duplicates the position astronauts take during liftoff. During liftoff, the position is meant to ease the stress on astronauts' bodies as they escape Earth’s gravity. The position raises the feet to the same level as the heart. People who have back pain or who would like to increase their circulation often find this position extremely relaxing. It creates a sensation of weightlessness.
            • What do I do if I lose my remote control? You can purchase a replacement remote control directly from us. Be sure to have your Comfort Base’s serial number available so we can help you find the correct remote control for your model. Then call us at 1-855-581-3095 or email us.
            • What do I do if my Comfort Base or remote control isn’t working properly? Please see our troubleshooting questions on this page. If that doesn’t solve your concern, call us at 1-855-581-3095 or email us.
            • Where can I find the serial number for my Comfort Base? The serial number can be found on the underside of the base. Raise the head up of the base to see it. Split king bases will have two serial numbers.
            • Where can I find the owner’s manual for my Comfort Base? Download a PDF of Comfort Base owner’s manuals here.
            • What do I do if troubleshooting doesn’t work or if I have a problem that isn’t listed here? Call us at 1-855-581-3095 or email us.
            • My Comfort Base is not level. Verify all legs on same surface.
            • My Comfort Base is making an excessive motor noise.
              • Verify that base is not positioned against a wall, nightstand, or other object that may cause vibration or noise.
              • Verify headboard brackets were removed during installation. Remove headboard brackets if still attached to the underside of base.
              • If base is located on hard surface flooring, place carpet pieces under each leg or caster of the base.
              • If adjustable base is installed over a bed frame, verify vibe motor is not causing bed frame (or bed frame components) to vibrate.
              • Verify that headboard attachment hardware is tightened firmly (if used).
              • Verify there is nothing under the base that could cause noise during adjustable base operation.
              • If air mattress is being used, check to see if the pump is the source of the noise.
            • The head or foot section of my Comfort base will rise but will not return to a flat position.
              • Base mechanism may be obstructed. Elevate base and check for obstruction. Remove obstruction.
              • Head section may be too close to the wall.
              • Headboard may be too close to the edge of the mattress. Verify a 1.5” (38.1mm) to 2” (50.8mm) distance between headboard brackets and mattress. Adjust if required.
              • Elevate the head or foot section a short distance (with the remote control) to realign the lift/lower mechanisms with the base support platform.
              • Press the emergency stop button. This can lower the base to flat position, if it’s still receiving power. Location of emergency stop button varies model-to-model.
            • My remote control will not illuminate.
              • Replace batteries in the remote control.
              • My Comfort Base is not working after a power outage.
                • Unplug power cord, wait 30 seconds, and plug back in.
                • None of the features of my Comfort Base will activate.
                  • Try the following troubleshooting steps or contact Glideaway at 1-855-581-3095 or email us.
                  • Unplug power cord, wait 30 seconds, and plug in to reset electronic components.
                  • Electrical circuit breaker may be tripped. Check electrical service breaker box to verify.
                  • Defective surge protection device or electrical outlet. Test outlet by plugging in another working appliance.
                  • Can a Comfort Base go on a platform bed with storage drawers underneath? Only the Vesta model can accommodate drawers with our Zero Clearance Kit. If you would like to purchase a Zero Clearance Kit or other accessories, call 1-800-428-5222.
                  • What does the feature “Elevate” or “Elevation” mean? There are many health and lifestyle benefits to sleeping in an elevated position but for side and stomach sleepers, sleeping in traditional adjustable bases can be uncomfortable. Our Elevation feature provides these benefits for those who prefer to sleep on their side or stomach.
                  • Can my current furniture and linens be used with my Comfort Base? Yes. Existing headboards and bed linens can be used with your Comfort Base. If you would like to purchase a headboard bracket or other accessories, call 1-800-428-5222.
                  • Where can I find the warranty for my Comfort Base? Our warranty information can be found here. For specific questions about your warranty or to find out if you base is still covered, call 1-855-581-3095 or email our warranty team.

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